It seems clear that since assuming the presidency, Pres. #45 has discovered that the U.S. Government does not operate like his real estate empire.  He makes bold statements about building walls, repealing and replacing health care, and banning people from Muslim majority countries only to discover that there are judges, legislatures and laws on the books that keep him from speaking his wishes into existence.  So thus far, he has been left with pyrrhic victories (except for the successful nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court)  like the House of Representatives version of the new health care bill that no one, even those who helped pass it, believe will become the law of the land.  He has learned that signing Executive Orders and sending out numerous tweets does not make things happen, even as it makes his devoted followers feel like he is being “decisive” and everyone else is either foolish, stupid or just plain slow.

Despite his frustration with democracy, he has not been deterred from seeking to create his own personal empire in the White House.  He has appointed people like former governor Rick Perry to head agencies he vowed to destroy. At the EPA he has proposed putting industry executives, rather than scientists, in charge of deciding which toxins industry can pump into the air.  He has appointed the wealthiest group of cabinet members in US history, while presenting himself as a champion of the common [white] person.  And of course, he has appointed his own daughter and son-in-law to the positions and offices most accessible to him.  The only thing he has done yet, is asked us to accept a tiara for his wife, Melania.

Now in the middle of a high-level FBI investigation on the possible collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign, he fires James Comey, the man in charge. Each day brings new revelations as to the nature of the Comey-Trump relationship, and #45 can’t seem to keep from tweeting more self-incriminating statements. He calls the investigation a “witch hunt,” but he really only has his impulsiveness to blame.

The President said he had been planning to fire Comey days before the announcement. Maybe so, but if that is the case, he should have known that it would not look good  All it did was reveal him as one who seems to know more than he admits to and is covering up or attempting to cover up something damaging to his little fiefdom. Because of the Dems’ anger for Comey bringing up Hillary’s emails 10 days before the election,  he thought Democrats would love his decision.  What world is he living in?  The stupidity of the timing of his action and the irrational nature of the decisions so confused  his aides and spokespersons they couldn’t even get the story straight. He can’t keep his own story straight.

Many of us remember the fairy tale of the Emperor whose arrogance and blindness led him to be fooled into thinking he was wearing the finest of clothes while in fact his nakedness was evident to all. Yet it took a little child to speak the truth others were afraid to acknowledge: uninitiated into the myths of power and arrogance, the child exclaimed that the Emperor did not have great finery on, but was in fact without any clothes at all.  #45’s arrogance has revealed his inability to understand the political world in which he is now operating. The firing of James Comey is not the first impulsive decision that has left both allies and foes alike wonder “what was he thinking?”  The fact that he is the president makes these questions a matter of life and death for everyone of us. We can only wonder what will he do or say next, and what will be the consequences of the actions of a man so powerful, yet so blind.

Trump’s aides, and his zealous supporters castigate those of us who are not buying is blatant dishonesty and his thickly veiled (if veiled at all!) lies.  I get it.  They want to believe that these impulsive, poorly framed decisions are a sign of his decisiveness.  Deal with it folks.  Your emperor has no clothes.  What we see is what we got. The man is dangerous. #45 has to go. His brief reign must come to an end before he takes us all down with him.  Let him go back to his pseudo-reality TV world where he gets to think he is a boss, but in this real world, he needs to hear the words for which he is so famous: “You’re fired!”