Paulo Freire: His Faith, Spirituality and Theology

(Co-authored with Dr. James Kirylo, Professor of Education, University of South Crolina

Sense Publishers, 2017

In this book we explore Freire’s Christian faith and its influence on pedagogical and political work. We look at that spiritual and theological underpinnings of his revolutionary and innovative thinking. The table of contents are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Spirituality and Freire
  • The Easter Experience: Conversion to the People
  • Personalism, Humanism and a Freirean Spirituality Toward Humanizing Humanity
  • Hope, History and Utopia
  • Grounded in the Well of Love
  • A Man Who Lived Humbly in Authenticity
  • Conscientization: Inner and Outer Transformation
  • A Frierean Imprint on Liberation Theology
  • Epilogue: A Call to Reinvent

Available from Sense Publishers and Amazon.

White Allies in The Struggle for Racial Justice 

Orbis Books, 2015

Seventeen stories of white folks through U.S. history who worked for racial justice in their time, despite experiencing alienation, persecution and in some cases death. The book seeks to present flawed white folks who grew into an awareness of racial justice, and acted in ways that furthered racial equity and justice in their time. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter are designed for personal reflection or group discussion.

Spirituality in Higher Education: Autoethnography

Left Coast Press, 2011

Co-edited with Heewon Chang. Using the perspective of authoethnography, 12 scholar-teachers discuss how they incorporate their faith perspective and spirituality into their practice, scholarship, and teaching. Included in this book is my chapter “Weaving Together Activism, Scholarship and Faith” in which I describe my perspective as a scholar-activist.