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Author, Popular Educator, Activist and Scholar

The Big Lie and Our National Dark Night of the Soul

The Womb Not The Tomb On New Year’s Eve 2016 Rev. William Barber, co-founder of the Poor People’s Campaign, sponsored an interfaith Watchnight New Year’s Eve at Metropolitan AME Church in...

Reflecting on September 11 – Twenty Years Later

Almost anybody 30 years or older probably remembers where they were and what they were doing when they heard that the World Trade Center had been attacked on Sept 11, 2001. I was teaching a class of...

Countering “The Big Lie”

When apparent stability disintegrates, as it must — God is Change — People tend to give in to fear and depression, To need and greed. When no influence is strong enough to unify people they divide....

What Do We Say About Afghanistan and Haiti

Over this past weekend I was stunned and horrified as I watched the reports from Afghanistan and Haiti. I suspect many of you were as well. What are we to do and learn from these tragedies?...


Cafe Vancouver

I’m a popular educator, restorative justice practitioner activist and scholar. I want to share my experience, expertise and services to individuals and groups seeking to create healthy and vibrant communities

Latest Book: Disrupting Whiteness

In recent years, many white people have become awakened to the reality of racism at all levels of American society and the need for significant social change. Yet, the majority of white people in the U.S. still consider racism a topic to avoid rather than engage. Drawing on the author’s personal experience as a professor and antiracism trainer, Disrupting Whiteness offers an approach to talking about racism that is conversational rather than combative, and invites people to a deeper exploration of why they think and feel as they do.

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