Drick Boyd

Author, Popular Educator, Activist and Scholar

Seeking to Develop an Antiracist Spirituality

The Episcopal Urban Caucus 1994 In 1994 The Episcopal Urban Caucus (EUC) met in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded in 1975 the EUC is a group within Episcopal Church in the United States that seeks...

Antiracism as Engaged Spirituality

Discovering Engaged Spirituality During the summer I turned 17, I made a conscious decision to become a follower of Jesus. In the language of the evangelical context in which this happened I “gave...

Antiracism as Spiritual Formation: An Invitation

Spirituality and the Battle Against Racism Several months ago I was invited to give an address at a Christian college related to my 2021 book, Disrupting Whiteness: Talking with White People About...

Against the Grain: Talking with White People about Racism in a Time of Polarization

On January 9, I spoke at the First Monday program of Pendle Hill Quaker Study Center on the topic of "Against the Grain: Talking with White People About Racism in a time of Polarization." A YouTube...


Cafe Vancouver

I’m a popular educator, restorative justice practitioner activist and scholar. I want to share my experience, expertise and services to individuals and groups seeking to create healthy and vibrant communities

Latest Book: Disrupting Whiteness

In recent years, many white people have become awakened to the reality of racism at all levels of American society and the need for significant social change. Yet, the majority of white people in the U.S. still consider racism a topic to avoid rather than engage. Drawing on the author’s personal experience as a professor and antiracism trainer, Disrupting Whiteness offers an approach to talking about racism that is conversational rather than combative, and invites people to a deeper exploration of why they think and feel as they do.

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