Dear Mr. President.

I resign from your America. I revoke my citizenship in the America you want to make first. Yesterday you broke with the world community in its efforts to curb our collective carbon emissions as a world community before the warming of the planet sinks us all as a human race. Rather than being a citizen in your America, I choose to be a citizen of the world, along with the governor of California, the mayor of Pittsburgh, many corporate leaders and ordinary citizens across the nation. I want to follow the direction of leaders like German president  Angela Merkel who recognize and affirm that we now live in a global community, where individual whims and desires must be subsumed to the common good.

Your actions in regard to the Paris Climate Accord are not only reckless, they are yet another indication of your small mind. Throughout history the United States has pumped more pollution into the air than any nation in the world. Currently, only China emits more toxins than we do, and they are working on reducing their carbon footprint. Yet you choose to pull our country out of that process. You say it is for the good of our economy, but even business leaders oppose your decision. You  say it is to ‘save jobs” yet more jobs are being developed in alternative energy than in old energy like the dirty and dying coal industry. The world is angry at us, but will not wait for us, can’t wait for us.  The fact that you cannot see that we live in an interconnected, interdependent world is testimony to your myopic way of thinking.

While I resign from your America, I am not resigned to you or your ways. I will resist you at every turn whether it is on climate change, immigration, tax reform, abolishing health care, fomenting racial hate or aligning yourself with despots.  The America you want to put first, is not the America I live in or the America I seek to create. You are not my president; you are my problem, my heartache, my adversary, my embarrassment as an American citizen.

So I resign, and choose to pick up the struggle to bring you down. You must go.

[Note: this letter was also sent to the White House email]