My good friend Mary Wade, an urban peacemaker, formerly working at the U.N. offers this response to my last posting “Disgusted.” She is far more eloquent than I and gets to the heart of the issue: a spiritual crisis. Here is Mary’s response.

More and more in my speaking I hear myself saying,this crisis is spiritual.  It
involves matters of morality, ethics, humanity, respect for the human race and
creator of all.

The mode of operation involves pitting the poor, uninformed, and those striving
to achieve the rich, super-rich at the expense of every one else.  Through every
form of media it is poured into our consciousness.
Two aspects of the conditioning to accept this abuse against the American people
and the world is what Dr. Howard Thurman identifies as fear, hatred, and
deception.  Too many fear the power of the super-rich.  They fear the
apparatuses they possess in control of military, powerful allies in the
government, and the ability to weaken our meager economic survival. Then there
is their ability to stir up hate for each other and anyone who speaks out in
support the poor. This is evident in the ability to convince people who need
health care,medicare, medicaid, food stamps, inexpensive housing to act and vote
against their own best interest.

Religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, all vehicles by which to create
division.  Hate and guilt over their condition; hate and fear of each other.
Much is the crippling guilt is against the self for being in the perdicament.
Then there is the deception.  Deception by the rich who again use  trickery to
deceive us into thinking they are doing what is good for America. Too often we
deceive ourselves in believing we oppose their greed while storing up a lust for
greed in our own hearts.  Too many of us want to be like them.

Yes Drick, I too am fed up too.  The Power Movement, National Action Network,
and other movements so essential to redressing the evil and impact of the
assault on the poor and defenseless are doing their part.
The issue we must address is the spiritual state of the nation and individuals.
We are in a spiritual warfare; a battle between the two kingdoms.  The kingdom
of ungodliness, darkness, hatred, fear, deception, greed, and the kingdom of
God, the light, hope, openness, courage, and compassion.  I believe we must
support the organizations, do our part indivdiually to help people and make a
difference.  But we also need a real spiritual movement in this nation.  One
more powerful than the so called moral majority. And we cannot achieve this as
individuals, we must unite around a purely spiritual movement to “reclaim the
soul of America”.

Also fed up and thanking you for helping me articulate a deep area of concern in
my heart and soul.

Mary Wade, Elevate our Nation, Building Respect in Community (BRIC)