Dear Friends, 

As you may know, several years ago when my knees started hurting from all the pounding of years of running and basketball, I took up biking. Now most mornings and weekends, I am riding my bike somewhere. For the last 3 years I have also been riding to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society through their annual bike rides. The 2016 ride  of 100 miles will be held on Saturday, September 10 across the state of Delaware. 

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that affects 2.3 million people across the world. It is a chronic, unpredictable  condition that affects the nervous system that is first diagnosed when people are from age 20-50. MS affects people in different ways but slowly makes common physical actions increasingly difficult. At this point there is no cure for the disease. The MS Society that is raised from across the nation like this seeks to fund research that can find a cure.

As I have asked you the last two years, I am again asking you to support me in this effort by donating the the MS Society, by making a donation on my donation page at this link. You will help thousands of people suffering with MS, and help make September more than a nice day for ride. 

Thank you again.


Drick Boyd


Biking Selfie