Community Leadership Project

The Community Leadership Project is a dream I have to be engaged in the process of community transformation through the process of popular education. At this point, it is a dream in the making. However, if you need someone to to speak about how to bring about positive change in your neighborhood or organization, and would like assistance in developing leaders or strengthening your organization, contact me. I bring over 30 years of experience in community work, organizational leadership and research that I would love to share with you. Meanwhile, I will continue to refine my dream for CLP.

The purpose of CLP would be to provide opportunities for members of various urban communities to come together to share insights and resources toward the resolution of specific community problems and issues. CLP would provide organizational, consultation and facilitation services, and when requested, specific educational resources with the goal of equipping and empowering community people toward resolving their own problems. Services will include setting up of community forums, calling together individuals and organizations known to have common concerns, and serving as consultants/facilitators for established organizations. The curriculum and content of educational events will be developed by the participants themselves as part of the community learning process.