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Telling it Like it is

What’s Gone on Recently What do we do with a President who seems bent on destruction – his own and the nation he supposedly leads. Why do I say this? He has repeatedly called out four democratic congresswomen and tells them to “go back to where they came from.” All of...

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Passages (Books That Shaped My Life #9)

In the mid-1970s when I was living in Boston, an exciting new bookstore opened in the downtown area. Up until that point bookstores tended to be small and focused on certain genres. In order to get the book you wanted you needed to know what store to go to. But that...

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The People’s Congress

We want leaders who are role models. We want leaders who are willing to listen, especially to those with whom they disagree. We want leaders who sow understanding rather than chaos. And mostly they want leaders who tell the truth.

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The Mystery of Faith

One Who Professed Faith This past Sunday, a 12-year old boy was baptized by our pastor. For those not familiar with the Baptist and Anabaptist traditions, baptism in these churches does not happen when a child is born, but rather when that child at whatever age makes...

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Memorial Day Reflections

  Warning Label Let me start out by acknowledging that what I have to say in this entry has the potential to piss some people off. That is not my intent, but what I am talking about is sensitive, and it is bound to hit a nerve for some folks. I just ask that you...

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Beyond “Beating Trump”

Former Vice President Joe Biden was in Philadelphia last weekend to kick off his campaign for President. Like many of his fellow contenders, Biden echoed a common sentiment among Democrats: the number one priority in the 2020 presidential campaign is to beat Donald...

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The Great Divorce ( Books That Shaped Me #6)

Live for a while in the books you love. Learn from them what is worth learning, but above all love them. This love will be returned to you a thousand times. Whatever your life may become, these books -- of this I am certain --- will weave through the web of your...

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