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Who is Paulo Freire and Why Should You Care?

Recently, James Kirylo (Professor of Education, University of South Carolina) and I published Paulo Freire: His Faith, Spirituality and Theology. This book was for me a longtime dream and a labor love that began ten years ago when I wrote a paper on “Paulo Freire’s...

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Three Questions NOT Being Asked in the Health Care Debate

Now the folks justifying these outrageous numbers (like Pat Toomey) will tell you that the issue is complex and beyond our understanding. Actually, it is really quite simple. Healthcare companies, Big Pharma and our healthcare corporations have lobbyists who line the pockets of our political leaders, and poor and middle class people don’t.

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What if the Poor Wrote the Health Care Bill

A lot of ink has been spilled over how unfair and “mean” the Senate’s proposed health care bill. As one headline had it: “Shifting Dollars from the Poor to the Rich is a Key Part of the Health Bill. ” In order to lower the overall cost of the bill, the Senate proposal...

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America – Discover this Country

In light of the recent budget proposed by the Trump Administration that will cut off an estimated 10 million low income people from the SNAP program (food stamps) and Medicaid (health care) while lining the pockets of the wealthy; when the president can sign an $11...

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